03 Dec 12 at 3 pm
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Glastonbury 2008
29 Jun 12 at 7 am

found these again…

LINDA EVANGELISTA and ROBERT DEL NAJA arrive at Kate Moss’s 31st birthday party held at Kate’s farm house 2005/01/15

he’s wearing the same eye makeup in the interview sets for collected. i’m guessing he had a super late night and just went straight over without changing his costume (it’s safe to assume the interviews were shot pretty far in advance) ‘cause there is no way he truly believed he could try it on the daily. 

11 Jun 12 at 4 pm

Robert answering to his “favorite tracks from [Heligoland], and the lyrics and the meaning behind them,” 2010 (via mssvattack)

"“Psyche,” a track which Martina [Topley-Bird] wrote the words for, I love because it’s like that flittering of the sun on your eyelids when you’re driving in a car, going through light through trees. That kind of strange memory of all the summers you’ve ever had. It can often make you feel sort of sad and quite lost and lonely at times when it comes. But there are times when you get that flickering light, and you actually feel alright with that. The fact that everything’s going by and these moments will never be repeated, but that’s OK because you’re enjoying it for what it is. You actually get to experience it in the present, and don’t worry about the past. That song has that feel to me. It’s a song about life and growing up, but it makes it feel alright, you know? It’s one of those things that makes you feel alright about it all."

09 Jun 12 at 12 am

gift from a fan

gift from a fan